I have heard in concert Andrés Segovia, Yepes... and all the best guitarists of the 20th century. None of those concerts were like the one David Russell offered in the Teatro Jovellanos for the Philharmonic Society. Russell, like good wines, gets better with the time, becomes stronger and more perfect. Before an enthusiastic audience, he offered a sublime recital.
Russell is the indisputable maestro of the classical guitar, the synthesis of Segovia's school with the best English school of Julian Bream, enriched with an exceptional sense of colour and musicality. He is friendly both in his manner and in his touch. With naturalness, almost simplicity, but with an absolute knowledge of the guitar, he displayed a wonderful programme.
A marvelous recital on the guitar of a charming performer, David Russell.

Ramón Avelló

El Comercio (Gijón)


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