This evening we had the great David Russell, who is considered by many experts to be the most complete and simply the best guitarist in the world.
... David Russell could be called the Glenn Gould of the guitar, for whom the baroque music seems to fit perfectly. D.Russell, like no one else, is capable of maintaining a continuous flow of the baroque works with an almost clock-like precision, showing at the same time the middle parts in the three or four voice structures with incredible technical ease. Thanks to his breathtaking technique he is able to project those details with great clarity to the last rows of the church.
In the presence of so much perfection, brilliance and clarity of the interpretation the audience in the totally overcrowded Obere Stadtkirche of Iserlohn was absolutely overwhelmed: Together the audience rose up from their seats - and applauded for minutes demanding up to four encores.
Ralf Thiemann, Westfalenpost


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