Both my parents are artists and have painted pictures all their lives.
While we were children in Menorca we had an art gallery and the sale of paintings was our living.

The art gallery

I have many fond memories of sitting in the gallery (waiting for buyers) and practising for hours. My brothers and sister and I would take turns keeping shop and if anyone showed interest we would get our parents.
I am very proud of their artistry and I always like to show off the paintings I have on the wall at home.
Recently I found some old slides and so here are some of their paintings.

(William Russell) Studio in Fornells                                                                                                       (William Russell) - The road to Ciutadella.

This my father’s (William Russell) studio in Fornells (Menorca). He painted many of windows but all were sold and I only have this slide.

On the right: This is the village of Fornells as it was around 1962. There are many paintings of Menorcan farms. The slide is not in good condition.

(William Russell)                                                                                                                                    (William Russell)

This is the guitar I learnt to play on.

(William Russell) - Guitar on table.

The photos I have of my Mother’s paintings are more recent. 

This is a large triptic of Kew Gardens – London

On the right: Cows and Hens in Galicia.

(Ann Meade) - Kew Gardens                                                                                                               (Ann Meade) - Cows and hens in Galicia.

A view in a village near Barcelona.

On the right: A view of the Hermitage of Sant Pau. Near Barcelona.

(Ann Meade) - Pujada de Sant Pau                                                                                                      (Ann Meade) - Hermitage of Sant Pau

A swan in Michigan.

(Ann Meade) - Swan



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