Last Thursday the Gran Teatro held the concert of David Russell, on this occasion with the orchestra of Córdoba. It is a luxury for the festival of Córdoba to have the presence of this mythical guitarist, and also the collaboration of our orchestra,which is doing extraordinary work in the field of concertos for guitar.

From the very first notes of the Vivaldi (Concerto in Mi minor Op. 4, N.2), concerto conceived originally for violin and who Russell himself transcribed for guitar, we could enjoy the beautiful sound of the Scottish guitarist, one of his signs of identity, quintessence of his refined technique.
In the second part we could hear the five movements of the Concerto Antico for guitar and small orchestra by Richard Harvey, a piece of renaissance and medieval resonances, viewed from an eclectic approach, close to film music. The interpretation was, like the music, direct and epidermic, Russell offering an extremely beautiful sound protected by an orchestra which accompanied him correctly and efficiently. Long ovation for the musicians. Russell came out on repeated occasions to the stage until he offered an encore of the lovely tremolo of Agustín Barrios, La Limosnita, which he interprets like noone else, and such was the impression of the audience, who gave him a standing ovation. A concert to remember.


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