Celtic Music for Guitar
1998 Telarc International - 80492

1. The Bucks of Oranmore
Traditional Irish Reel
2. Spatter the Dew
Slip Jig. Traditional Irish
3. My Gentle Harp
Traditional Irish (Arr. Gerald García)
Three Irish Pieces.
Mauro Giuliani
4. Garryowen
5. My Lodging Is on the Cold Ground
6. Miss Bailly
7. Neil Gow's Lament for the Death of His Second Wife
Neil Gow
8. Fantasy on a Scottish Air
Fernando Sor
9. Cherish the Ladies
Double Jig. Traditional Irish
10. Morag
Traditional Gaelic Air
11. The Pipe on the Hob
Double Jig. Traditional Irish
12. Whiskey, You’re the Devil
Traditional Irish
13. Kildare Fancy
Traditional Irish
Clyde Suite.
Ron Moore
14. Isle of Bute
15. Isle of Cumbrae
16. Isle of Arran
17. Little Cumbrae
18. The Bonnie, Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond
From the Scots Fiddle - Murria Neil
19. Roslin Castle
Traditional Scottish
20. The Bride’s Reel
Scottish Reel - J.S. Skinner
21. Miss Mary Walker of Peterhead
Scottish Reel - J.S. Skinner
22. The Rose Bud of Allenvale
J.S. Skinner
23. Farewell to Stromness
Peter Maxwell Davies - (Arr. T. Walker)
24. The Deil Amang the Tailors
Scottish Reel
25. The Fair Haired Bay-Three Little Drummers
Two Double Jigs. Traditional Irish
26. Sanas Cuain (Message of the Sea)
Hamish Johnston
27. Strathspey Forever
Arthur Robertson
28. Loch Leven Castle
Traditional Scottish
29. Spey in Spate
Scottish Reel - J.S. Skinner
30. Skye Boat Song
Traditional Scottish

Arrangements by David Russell



I bought this CD two weeks ago and it hasn't been out of the player the entire time! Every piece is masterfully played; there are no distractions like squeaks or glissandos. Every note is perfect. The selection of pieces is terrific. I recommend this CD highly.
James Tremblay

From the opening track, the blistering Bucks of Oranmore, to the lush title track Message of the Sea, Russell's playing is never less than truly captivating, as always with meticulous attention to detail. Every ornament is crisp and consise, and standard classics like The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond sound here as though they were written for the guitar.
Mark Pearson

I bought this after hearing one of the pieces, Farewell to Stromness, on the radio a number of times. These pieces are beautifully played, and David Russell has composed wonderful arrangements of the well-known tunes. Altogether, one of the most beautiful recordings I have heard in a long time.
B. Stafford


Release Date: 10/27/1998
Label: Telarc Catalog #: 80492
Date of Recording: 4/1998
Venue: Academy of Arts & Letters, New York


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