1996 Telarc International - 80451

Federico Moreno Torrba (1891-1982)

1. I. Allegretto
2. II. Andante
3. III. Allegro

4. Burgalesa

Suite Castellana
5. I. Fandanguillo
6. II. Arada
7. III. Danza

8. Madroños

Castillos de España
9. I. Alcázar de Segovia
10. II. Alba de Tormes
11. III. Montemayor
12. IV. Zafra
13. V. Manzanares del Real
14. VI. Sigüenza
15. VII. Simancas
16. VIII. Turégano
17. IX. Torija
18. X. Calatrava
19. XI. Redaba
20. XII. Alcañiz
21. XIII. Javier
22. XIV. Olite

23. Nocturno

Aires de la Mancha
24.I. Jerigonza
25.II. Ya llega el invierno
26.III. Coplilla
27.IV. La Pastora
28.V. Seguidilla

"Russell has a sweetly expressive style that rests on a formidable command of his instrument and a deep affinity for traditional Spanish music"
Stereo Review

Moreno Torroba is maybe one of the best composers for guitar, unfortunately little known. David Russel brings to life some magnificent pieces with his wonderful tone and phrasing. Impeccable production and sound as well. An absolute must for guitar lovers and a good beginning for those who are not.
Andres Bonfiglioli


Release Date: 11/12/1996
Label: Telarc Catalog #: 80451
Date of Recording: 2/1996
Venue: Mechanics Hall, Worcester, Massachusetts



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