We want to start this article by thanking all the friends who have generously collaborated with our NGO,
enabling us to maintain our financial aid to the school of handicapped children with which we have a special connection.

In November 2011 we visited Deepa Academy, the school in Gujarat, India, which we are helping. We feel that, with all the difficulties these children have, physical, mental and social, they are really close to our hearts.


Last year we gave them the resources to put a new floor on the school. In the past they use to have cement floors. As a part of the children are physically handicapped and mentally challenged, the porous cement gets dirty easily and it is difficult to sanitize properly. Now the new marble floors look just wonderful. We are happy to see this improvement.

Here is Samuel, the director of the school and the instigator of the whole project. The photo on the right is the boys' bedroom.


Their continuous hospitaity is irresistible. One of the members of the staff offered us tea, which we gladly accepted. Every time we visit the school it is a real party.


We bought icecream for everybody and they thoroughly enjoyed it. We are committed to helping these children. It is difficult to change the world, but we can help improve the lives of these 90 children, whose chances of a better life are much greater with an education.


We keep providing physiotherapy for the disabled children. The physiotherapist is in the school every day of the week working with the children. Their improvement is fabulous.


These happy children are a lesson in life. Despite their limitations, they work hard every day to be ready for a better future. With our contribution to the school, this year they bought two sets of school uniforms. In the past they had one set each, which they would wash on Sunday.


Their permanent excitement makes an impact on us every time we visit them. We have been visiting them regularly in the past few years and the affection we receive from them is literally overwhelming.


We feel as though these children are part of our extended family.


An important part of their daily routine is their prayers in the morning. Accompanied by percussion, which is played by a different child each morning, they say their prayers.


The children come from different backgrounds and they don't share the same religion, but they pray to God every day. On the photo on the right there are some of the members of the staff at Deepa Academy, inside one of the classrooms, together with a few children.


Dutifully, everyone washes their hands before lunch.


Meals are an important time to socialize. It is wonderful to see how the older students help the younger ones. We witness their touching kindness as some of the less abled small children were being helped by the more experienced children. A lesson to all of us. They are vegetarian. Their diet includes rice, vegetables and pulses (beans and lentils).


They love having pictures taken and it is a real pleasure for us to be photographed with them. It gives us another opportunity to share time and affection.


We would have remained here longer, but sadly we had to leave. Our good-byes were said and we left with our hearts filled with the smiles of the children and their positive attitude to life.