We have always admired the wonderful work of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation in the region of Andra Pradesh, India, and that is the reason why we chose to finance two schools for the foundation.

When we arrived at the village of Apparacheruvu, in the area of Bathalapalli, the people greeted us with lots of warmth. Although it is not their custom, many of the children approached us to kiss our cheeks.

Their tenderness and love moved us deeply. Sometimes words are not necessary...


These are the children who will be using the school and hopefully learning a lot, so that they can have a better future. The parents actively participate in the improvement of the comunity.


It was a day of celebration for the whole village. Outside the school, they cooked in the open air rice and lentils for everybody. In this special occasion, men and women shared the cooking.

Inside the classroom we had a picture taken with the staff in the village who made this project possible. They were all extremely happy.


The school will serve a double purpose: it will be the place where the children of the village will get their education and it will be a community hall where the villagers will be able to gather.

The women of the village of Apparacheruvu couldn't have been more welcoming. They offered us juices, coconut, biscuits and big quantities of affection.

Some of the children sang for us folk songs of the area. We felt priviledged to be special guests in this memorable event.


They set up a huge tent outside the school, so that we could all gather and celebrate exultantly the opening of the school. On the right a photo at the entrance of the classroom, with the children.


Seeing as my family paid for the school, we wanted to honour our dear grandparents, Esmeralda and Nicanor, sadly not with us anymore. They were a very special couple who have left a legacy of love and dedication to the family. They will always be alive in our hearts and this school was made in memory of them. They would have loved it and they would have been proud of this gesture. With their spirit present, we inaugurated the school full of joyful emotions.


With their good-byes, we don't really finish, because this school is only another chapter in an unfinished novel. Hopefully, there will be as many chapters as schools we manage to finance.