We visited the school we financed in the village of Kaligolimi, in the area of Kundurpi, about three hours by car from the city of Anantapur, in Andra Pradesh.

Here is a view of the school. When we arrived, they brought us offerings and flower necklaces.


They placed the "bindi" (dot) on our foreheads. We were then ready to join the procession of people leading us to the school.


The village drummers preceded the walk, giving an ambience of pure festivity. Here is the plaque at the entrance of the school, with the name of our NGO on it.


Inside the classroom, the children are eager to celebrate. Being able to share time with these wonderful children and their families was a real blessing for us. Their reception was extremely kind and sensitive.


Here is the proud teacher with the students. We were also really glad to meet him. The hairstyle of the girls is striking. They embellish their braids with natural flowers and they look absolutely beautiful with these ornaments.


The physical contact meant much more than just touching hands, it was a way of being closer, of belonging to the same village, of sharing time and culture. The imprint of these emotional moments will remain with us forever.


At times we were literally surrounded by a torrent of people. It felt like a mass of tenderness. An unforgettable sensation. It was sad to leave, but a bit of this village will always remain in our memories.


As we were leaving inside the car, the children still wanted to give us a hand. With this warm gesture, we departed.

The beauty of the faces of the children and thir sincere warmth made our hearts melt.