For the second time, we visited DEEPA ACADEMY, a school for handicapped children in Gujarat, India. On our arrival, both children and staff greeted us with great warmth.

We were very happy to see the progress of the school and we felt fortunate to have been able to share some days with them.

During those days, we shared precious moments.


Last year we started by financing several teachers, including an English teacher and a physiotherapist and with great joy we could see that they were working in full swing.


The physiotherapist is completely blind. The children are improving fast with his fabulous work.


We also helped to buy computers to start a class and financed the teacher, who is on the right of the photo. David with Guni on the next photo.



We very much enjoyed the company of the children and those who work in the school. Although it is not possible for us to speak with the children, pure affection is the means of communication.

The boy on the bed had arrived from hospital, where he had been operated on his leg, a few hours prior to our arrival.



Here is Samuel,the director and the soul of the school, with some of the children. His dedication to the children is a constant lesson on generosity, patience and sheer love. Banu, with David in the photo, is one of the driving forces of the staff.


Every minute we had with the children, was a moment of joy. As they were approaching Navratri, a very popular festival in the region of Gujarat, they performed some of the dances for us. Here is one of the teachers organizing the dance.


As it was a festive special occasion, instead of having lunch on the regular dining room, everybody enjoyed an informal lunch.

One of the projects we have financed is the reflooring of this large room, which is made of cement at the moment and very difficult to clean. Soon they will have tiles.

It was nice to see how diligently they washed their plates after lunch.


And afterwards, the best possible reward, a delicious ice cream. On the right a photo of Banu, one of the members of the staff, with one of the smallest children at the school.


The moment to say good-bye arrived, but we carried with us their beautiful smiles.