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In 2008 we financed two schools in southern India, in the province of Andhra Pradesh.

The building was done by the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, which has done wonderful work in the area for decades.

The schools were finished during 2009. The first one started operating before we could go and visit. This one is in a village called Kassamudram in the area of Gorantla.

It was an extraordinarily happy occasion when we went to visit the school. The whole village turned out to greet us and shared their joy with us.

We want to sincerely thank all our friends and people who have collaborated with our NGO and made this possible.


This area is very rural and extremely poor. We are very glad that the children now have the opportunity to receive an education in their own village.


They showed their love and appreciation to us and they put flowers around our necks and decorated the hair.


This is the entrance to the school. On the right, David is with the health worker of the area. The young girl sitting just behind her is soon going to university. The whole town is very proud of her (and so are we).


The children were so affectionate to us that we didn't need to speak the same language to understand each other.


The adults were sincerely grateful and and they were just as honestly friendly as the kids.


They offered us the fruits of the area, coconut milk to drink and apples and biscuits to eat. Everything tasted delicious.


Our day in Kassamudram was unforgettable, full of positive emotions and we want to wish all the students of the area a lot of success.


The following day we went to Mallapuram, in the area of Rayadurg, west of Anantapur. We came here to officially inaugurate the school, as it had recently been finished.

The whole population celebrated the opening of the school and declared the day a festival day for the village.


We were received at the entrance of the village and we walked preceeded by musicians and people with offerings.

They made us feel welcome in every possible way.


A group of the girls, beautifully dressed up for the occasion, brought the offerings to the school for the moment of inauguration.

After opening the curtain covering the plaque on the wall with the name of the school, we proceeded to cut the tape and step into the classroom, following the tradition of entering with the right foot first.


They put on a show of music and dance just outside the school. We thoroughly enjoyed listening to their beautiful voices singing traditional songs and we were mesmerized by the beauty of their faces and their expressions. These are some of the children who sang for us.


The whole town enjoyed the performances of their children.


Their faces speak a thousand words.


We were completely overwhelmed by this reception.

We were emotionally elated after this amazing experience.


We feel priviledged to have been able to share our time with the people of Kassamudram and Mallapuram. We hope that the schools in these two villages which we have financed will help to improve the future of the next generation.