This is a very special occasion.

We inaugurated a social cafe, where we will be giving free tea, coffee and sandwiches to people in need in our city (Vigo, Spain). The association is called "A las 5". We were very happy to have the presence and support of the mayor of our city, behind me in the photo. Instead of giving a speech, I played some music for the opening. We all had some of the same sandwiches we will be offering to the people in need.

I have been chosen to be the president of "A las 5", although many other people are collaborating in the work necessary to make this a success.


Many are involved in this initiative of solidarity. We are proud to be part of this incredible team, full of very generous people who are giving their time and their skills to the project. We hope that this will help alleviate some of the hardships certain families are suffering at this time in our society.

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 "A las 5", meaning at 5 o'clock, is tea time. Here in the photo we are with Ventura, our past mayor on the right and Abel, between us, the actual mayor of Vigo.


 A team of dedicated volunteers, who will be making sandwiches and serving happily those who will come to our venue. We are ready to offer warmth, sympathy and coffee or tea with a delicious sandwich.

This is a view of the cafe, with small sandwiches on the tables.