On the 20th of May, 2007 we held the 1st "Guitar Stars Charity Golf Day" in Koblenz.

David Russell

We had one of the most beautiful Spring days possible for our golf championship. The Jakobsberg golf course is a beautiful setting, with views of the Rhine and of spectacular medieval castles in the distance.
The whole idea of the charity golf championship was started by Georg Schmitz, who organizes the Koblenz Guitar Festival. Georg has been an active supporter of our NGO from the beginning and as he recently started playing golf, his enthusiasm was multiplied.

Georg Schmitz, Mike McFadden and us

Georg decided that it would be a wonderful idea to connect guitar and golf players of all levels in both disciplines and bring everybody together to enjoy, first of all, a day of golf and afterwards, a week of different guitar activities, such as classes, competition, concerts, exhibitions...

We would like to thank those who worked hard to make this day possible, specially our guitarist/golfer friend Russell Poyner.

Russel Poyner's Team from England enjoy a German beer.

The format of the championship was played in teams of four and here is a photograph of my team: Jim and Janet D'Addario, from the US, Robert Brightmore, from England and myself.

Ryoji Sekizuka - David Rusell

We were surprised by the incredible support the charity golf tournament received. We want to thank each and everyone of the people who attended it, both as golf players and as "schnuppers".

The resident professional, Mike MacFadden, organized a wonderful morning for those who had not yet started to play golf, giving them all lessons and even having a small competition amongst themselves.
Here is a photo of all the beginners ("Shnuppers)

The money raised from the inscription of the tournament will go to finance the building of wells in Africa through our NGO.